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CRCCPA PLLC was created many years ago and has proudly and successfully represented individuals and corporations in the Mississippi and surrounding states area with professionalism, respect and a customized, friendly approach ever since we first opened our doors. Our accountants are proud to count amongst our employees some of the best certified accountants in the business. All of our expert accountants have experience in handling both small and large portfolios and have crunched numbers for a countless number of varied businesses, so you can be confident that your account will be handled with the best of care regardless of the certified accountant assigned to your account.

No account, service or portfolio is too small for our accountants. We have handled simple tax returns for single individuals as well as large, complex bookkeeping for large companies. CRCCPA PLLC always offers the same professional service, regardless of the size of your contract, and treats every customer with the same level of respect and importance. Money is no small matter, not in this economy, not in any economy, and we will ensure that every one of our customers gets the best out of the accounting services we perform for them. If a penny saved is a penny earned, we earn our keep for all of our customers.

We will be happy to help you regardless of your deadline, situation or budget. We can easily customize our services based on your needs and the amount of money you spend or make, and can even help you make plans for the amount of money you are interested in investing. Courtesy and professionalism are, of course, free of charge, and a matter of fact for our accounting company. Customer service is key to our success. We know crunching numbers isn't fun for most people, even though we live for it and love doing it.

We are also happy to provide information and training sessions to anyone interested in learning more about accounting, keeping their finances in order and filing their own tax returns. These seminars will serve you for a lifetime as you learn the basic ropes of managing your own money, your spending habits, and even your investments. We also offer home visits to senior citizens or those customers who are unable to come to our offices in Mississippi, as a courtesy.

At CRCCPA PLLC, we are always happy to welcome new customers in the Mississippi and surrounding states area, whether for a one-time consultation or for the management of long-term accounts. Call one of our accountants in Clinton, MS today for more information on the various services we provide, for information pertaining to our fees or simply to book an appointment with one of our skilled accountants.

Our accounting services include Income Tax Services, Quick Books Services and Payroll Services and many other accounting services in the Mississippi and surrounding states area. We would be pleased to meet with you or your staff to discuss your business, your specific goals and your accounting requirements. We look forward to learning more about how our accountants can help you!

To insure you always get our very best, every facet of our service is under the supervision of one of our principals. Our accountants work for you year-round, not just at tax time or when you call us.

For more information about our accounting company, please contact us by phone at (601) 926-1432 in Clinton, or by email.

Our Accounting Tips

  • Check fraud is a reality, so make sure that you keep your company's checkbooks in a secure location. Create monetary limits for checks, set-up a special account for paychecks and keep all other checks made out to business and not individuals.
  • Making sure to keep up-to-date records of all of your financial activities is important. This includes, paying bills, payroll, expenses, and profits. This information is required in order to properly file taxes and can cut accounting costs at tax time.
  • Checking all your billing statements should be routine. Often times spotting extra, hidden or incorrect charges soon after they happen may help resolve issues that cost you extra money for nothing.